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Brand Perception

Whether it’s long established, new to the market or at a pre-launch stage, gaining knowledge on how to position your brand and how your target audiences perceive your brand is critical. At Bdifferent, we are experts when it comes to delivering that insight.

We’ve worked across financial services brands at all stages of development from helping a UK based insurer develop a new brand proposition for the Asian market to tracking the views of a well-known asset manager amongst the institutional investment market.

We use qualitative techniques to explore reactions to new brands or brands entering a new market and ensure we get to the heart of any barriers or sentiment-driven issues that may be impeding awareness and positive brand perception.

We regularly employ quantitative research to benchmark brands against their competitors in the market and analyse progress through regular tracking studies.

We’ll advise you on whether the qualitative or quantitative approach (or a blend of the two) will give you the answers you need and, once all is completed, also ensure you receive implementable recommendations from our brand specialists on the most effective way forward in terms of your brand.

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