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Financial Services Market Research

Customer behaviour and sentiment can change as often as financial regulation. We're constantly monitoring behaviour, sentiment, usage and attitude to help our clients define and design their strategy, products, propositions and communications.

Business to business or business to consumer, we probe deep and explore in depth to make sure our clients get right to the heart of their business issues.

Investments, savings, pensions, retirement income, insurance, banking, protection - we're 100% focused on financial services and work for some of the world's biggest global financial services brands around.

Brand Perception

How do clients, prospects, intermediaries and influences really perceive your brand? What do they think you're good at and how do you compare to your peers? What effect is your communication having? Does your communication reflect your brand and its values?

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Financial Regulation

Regulation is still high on the financial services agenda in the UK, increasing Europe wide with MiFID II in 2017. In Asia, initiatives around treating customers fairly and increasing legislation introduced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and others to ensure fair dealing outcomes for customers, will mean more regulatory scrutiny.

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Product Development

Testing ideas for a new fund, developing an existing product for a new market or looking at the best ways to bring a new service proposition to market? Whoever you're targeting, focused research will give you a solid foundation to make the right business decisions, grounded in consumer insights and meeting regulatory requirements for product suitability.

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Latest News...

Advisers and investors taking a pragmatic view on Brexit

It's been two weeks since the UK voted to leave the EU and hardly an hour goes by without some form of scare-mongering headline from the news feeds. Naturally, there is uncertainty over the practical implications of Brexit and how all will pan out over the course of time.

However, based on Bdifferent's research amongst advisers over the past couple of weeks, most appear to be fairly measured in terms of their level of concern. Whilst the markets currently seem to be taking the UK’s departure in their stride, advisers believe they will be unsettled for some time to come. But, as one adviser put it:

'If we've done our job properly, our clients will have a globally diversified portfolio, designed exactly for these types of event so the impact on clients' investment outlook, should be minimal.'

While worried about what their holiday Pounds will buy them in Euros and Dollars, investors seem to also have tempered reservations about the effect on their investment portfolios. Indeed, some are looking at the current situation as an opportunity to invest in UK and European equities in the hope that what comes down will inevitably go back up.

'It's not a global crisis. We've seen volatility before and we've ridden the storm.’ said one investor.

Our view at Bdifferent? Sadly, we no more have a crystal ball than anyone else in the industry and inevitably there are still concerns bearing in mind the period of change and upheaval that lies ahead. One thing we are sure of is that, now more than ever, product providers need to stay close to their customers to monitor changes in sentiment, listen to their needs and develop and refine products appropriate to their needs. In essence, putting the customer first will always be paramount, regardless of how events unfold.

July 2016