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Financial Services Market Research

Customer behaviour and sentiment can change as often as financial regulation. We're constantly monitoring behaviour, sentiment, usage and attitude to help our clients define and design their strategy, products, propositions and communications.

Business to business or business to consumer, we probe deep and explore in depth to make sure our clients get right to the heart of their business issues.

Investments, savings, pensions, retirement income, insurance, banking, protection - we're 100% focused on financial services and work for some of the world's biggest global financial services brands around.

Brand Perception

How do clients, prospects, intermediaries and influences really perceive your brand? What do they think you're good at and how do you compare to your peers? What effect is your communication having? Does your communication reflect your brand and its values?

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Financial Regulation

Regulation is still high on the financial services agenda in the UK, increasing Europe wide with MiFID II in 2017. In Asia, initiatives around treating customers fairly and increasing legislation introduced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and others to ensure fair dealing outcomes for customers, will mean more regulatory scrutiny.

Contact us to find out how we are helping our clients meet their regulatory requirements.

Product Development

Testing ideas for a new fund, developing an existing product for a new market or looking at the best ways to bring a new service proposition to market? Whoever you're targeting, focused research will give you a solid foundation to make the right business decisions, grounded in consumer insights and meeting regulatory requirements for product suitability.

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Latest News...

UK investors think EU exit would be detrimental to their investments

A survey by Bdifferent, the specialist financial services research consultants, reveals that only 25% of investors are positive at the prospect of the UK leaving the EU, while 41% thought the value of their investments would suffer. The remaining third were not sure and unable to comment on what impact it would have.

For most of the 41%, negative sentiments were primarily driven by fears of financial market uncertainties along with the potential of a fall in the FTSE or the value of sterling. Anticipated inflation and a general downturn in the UK economy were also key concerns.